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How To Draw A Cute Unicorn Doughnut

With this video you will learn what you need to have an edge over a lot of other airbrush artists. Caricatures are seen in a lot of art and airbrush art makes for creating some really interesting caricatures. Kent Lind will show you how to create cool caricatures in this approximately 70 minute video titled, How to Airbrush Caricatures. This is a good one if you are just wanting to gain more knowledge on airbrushing techniques whether you airbrush as a hobby or you do it professionally. The wide array of surfaces that Airbrush Technique Magazine covers includes but not limited to t-shirts ,canvas, the body, autos, motorcycles and so much more. You will need to keep the original design so that you can refer back to it. After you have made copies of your traced design start cutting out the areas that you need to cut out. Then place the home made stencil onto your project and begin to airbrush your project. If you want to use a more durable material to create your stencils you can use the plastic pocket folders. Now put all of this into one art design. See where I am going with this? You just took two things you seen incorporated them both together turned them into something else and now you have a unique floating cloud playground. Inspiration can also come from books as well. Go to the library and check out some art books to help you get some inspiration to get you going again with your creative design. Cigarette lighters are also being used as a way for artist to show of their airbrush art. The once simple looking lighter is now a display item with awesome art on it. So with everything being available for artist to use as a canvas for their airbrush art and with art being the taking of something and then turning it into a masterpiece, there is now a question posed. Airbrush Art On Automobiles By airbrushing art onto your automobile you can create a unique paint job that really shows off your style. Once you have the basics down on how to work the airbrush then you can pretty much create some great airbrush art on your automobile. It does not matter if you can draw or not. 

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