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How to draw a face for beginners from sketch to finish | Emmy Kalia

Show some pictures of your work and tell your audience how you created that design. Talk about the paints that you use, the types of airbrushes and so on and so forth. By discussing your techniques and sharing your insight you will show your audience that you are an artist that knows what they are doing. You should not have to take your airbrush apart every night to clean it, it is alright to only do a complete break down and cleaning once a month. Just make sure you do not go any longer than that. When you take it apart to clean soak it in a commercial grade cleaner overnight. The next morning take an airbrush cleaning brush to it. Either way you are guaranteed to have clothing no one else does if you add your own airbrush art to them. Automobiles and motorcycles are another areas where airbrush artists can get creative and create masterpieces. Many artist are making a name for themselves with custom airbrushing art onto automobiles and motorcycles. While even this seems primitive compared to what we can do with animated movies as well as for airbrush art, this method did pave the way for both the improvement on animation and airbrush art. The 1960s brought us even closer to what we now know we can do with airbrushing. Airbrush art in the 1960s made its way into the music world. Now that you can render the shapes you should move on to using stencils. This will give you a feel for stencils as most beginning airbrush artists will use stencils to create their airbrush art. Practice using stencils on a cheap surface and still using your black paint. You will also gain knowledge from trial and error on how to remove stencils without disturbing the paint. While most magazines and books will offer some pictures this is not enough for a fully visual person. So when some one is fully visual and they want to learn something the best thing they can do is watch videos that show how to do something. There are some great videos on the market that will show a beginner how to do airbrush art. 

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