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How to Draw Mother From Word MOM | Easy Mother's Drawing

Whether you want bold or subtle the choice is yours when you airbrush. You do not have to be limited with just your walls inside your home. Everything in your home can prove to be an area to show off your creative side. Airbrush art can go on your cabinets, doors, toilet seats and so much more. Remember though that this does not have to be anything bold. The less air pressure means that you can use slower movements when airbrushing. The bottom feed is where the cup is mounted to the bottom of the airbrush and the paint is brought up via a siphon tube. It is for this reason that the bottom feed is also referred to as a siphon feed. Since the artist can attach the cup to the bottom of the airbrush the colors can be changed quickly by using different cups prefilled with the colors needed. So keep your airbrush clean with the right cleaners and once a month do a full break down and cleaning. With needles most artist find that the airbrushes coming out of China bend easier than any of the other airbrushes. So look for one that is made elsewhere so that you do not have to keep trying to straighten a bend airbrush. When doing airbrush art on skin make sure you are using airbrush paint that is designed for the skin. Usually this will be sold as airbrush body paint or airbrush temporary tattoo ink. These are the only types of airbrush paints that are safe to use on the human skin. These paints will have a hard time staying on skin that is oily. Practice exercises will have you practicing what you see on the video so that you can master your skills. Biker Skull featuring renowned airbrush artist Robert Benedict will show you step-by-step how to create a professional looking skull in a leather cap. This video is a very advanced detail orientated video that is a one of a kind as the methods and such have never been put on tape before. The 2006 and also the 2007 Signature Harley Davidson calendars have featured Shanteau's airbrush art. While these calendars show off a great deal of her talent they are by far not the only place where you can see this expert airbrush artist. Magazines such as Hot Rod, Airbrush Action, AutoGraphics, Easy Rider, Mini-Truckin have featured Shanteau's airbrush art in their publications. 

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