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Art2Day Comics 1st Edition on Amazon Kindle

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Women Self Dense


aRt2Day Comic 1st Edition


art2day comic 1

Art2Day Comic 1a

Art2Day Comic 1b

Art2Day Comic 1c

Art2Day Comic 1c

Art2Day Comic 1e

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Art2Day Comic 1k

The Sex of The Money - The Comic

The Unique Story of Art2Day Comic 1st Edition

Art2Day Comic 1st Edition was hand-drawn entirely using the Art2Day2 Fun Draw Android App available for free download on Google Play.

It is an interesting and hilarious story of a Chicken Soup Billionaire, Green, whose small-time chicken business grew to become one of the most famous chains of restaurants around the world. The Best Dressed Chicken in Town, was Green's famous slogan. And "Who can beat the best-dressed chicken in town?"

The Story is based on a novel by bjon Agera titled, "Count My Money",  simply because Green was addicted to counting his money, which can be purchased on Amazon;  However, the Kindle Comic version adopted a slightly different title: "The Sex of the Money".

Count My Money, The Novel

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