aRt2Day – ‘Share’ 2.5

The Share Button and Tool remain the same


aRt2Day – ‘Share’ 2.4

‘Share’ is the tool that does the magic of posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and others…


‘Share’ has two main Buttons: ‘Select Image’ and ‘Share Text’

Tap on the “Select Image’ button to choose a picture from your device storage Gallery folder. Your selected image immediately replaces the placeholder aRt2Day icon, and the ”Select Image’ button switches to a ‘Share Image’ button.

Selecting the ‘Share Image’ button throws up a dialog of social media icons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, on Cloud and others.

Select the media that you wish to share your drawing to and press ‘Share Image’

Below the ‘Selected Image’ button, there is editable text field in which you can input your short text message, press ‘Share Text’ And “Voila!”