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art2DayComics#1 - Android Version

"The SEX of The MONEY" on Android

When we launched aRt2DayComics#1 on Amazon Kindle Fire, Androids users felt disenfranchised.  So we asked Cyberspace2day,  Software Developer and Sall Business Software Solutions, and CyberSpace went into development mode to come up with the Android version of the Comic Book.

eBook Plus

Cyberspace added something else to the package - the original story, COUNT MY MONEY, a novella already published on Amazon Kindle and Print On Demand. So, for a small fee, you get to read the comic book and also read the eBook from whence The Sex of The Money was adapted.

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art2daycomics#1 android sample

The story begins with Green MacDonald gazing aimlessly at the New York City skyline, trying to figure out how much cash was in his pocket. That was Green's Achiliie's Heel. "I love to Count My Money".

art2daycomics#1 android sample

Mrs. Linda Kennedy, Green's Personal Assistant also knows that Green loves to count his money. She is pleased that a friend has finally called her boss and, perhaps some fun was waiting out in the Villa in the Kentucky woodland.

art2daycomics#1 android sample

Dennis, that's her name. Some pretty girl from the same neighborhood where Green had first begun to practice his chicken business before he became a billionaire. They are both glad to meet again after several years.

art2daycomics#1 android sample

Green withdraws 20 million from his bank. All hell is let loose. Contract thieves, Gregor and Angel of Death, move in with dynamites to try and steal the loot, blasting away at the convoy....

art2daycomics#1 android sample
art2daycomics#1 android sample

But thieves had not reckoned with willy, hard as nails ex-FBI Agent in charge of Internal Security, Jonie, who would stop at nothing - not even blasted dynamites, till the money is delivered to Green.