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Life Is A Bitch

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FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

aRt2Day2.4 FREE Download from Google Play

Art 101 For Kids

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Easy Learning for Kids

Like everything else, the ART of Drawing and Painting has come of age. New learning tools, advanced by technology, are now available to make the task of learning easier. One such tool is here, aRt2Day android application, can be installed on your phone. You take some time with your kid and watch them doodle. They’ll love it.

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aRt2Day – navigation

This is a more detailed guide on navigating the aRt2Day app. For a brief summary of all its functions, scroll down to the bottom of this page and select a topic to view its function.

Start Page

This is the WELCOME screen which pops up after the brief Splash Screen. You have the option to shut down or START DRAWING – that is what aRt2Day is all about – DRAW, PAINT, SHARE…

To start drawing, punch the START DRAWING button.

Drawing and Painting Canvas

This is your DRAWING | PAINTING canvas – where your dreams come alive. Where, you let your imagination run wild, harnessed by your creativity, and with a simple stroke of the finger, start to create images to your heart’s desire.

The top row is lined with simple tools to assist in your Drawing and Painting task. From left to right: PICK IMAGE from your device gallery and LOAD on to the Drawing|Painting Canvas.

START NEW drawing|painting. That’s the white button with a golden star. This button starts a new page, with a dialog that informs you that you are about to start a new drawing and that the current drawing will be deleted. If you already have a Drawing|Painting that you are working on, and wish to retain it, you SAVE first, and then start the NEW DRAWING | PAINTING. The SAVE button is the last on the row – we’ll come to that later.