CROP (aRt2Day – ‘Foto’) Tool

aRt2Day2.5 CROP Tool has replaced aRt2Day1.0 ‘Foto’

The New Crop Tool has been simplified to just 2 Buttons: “Select Image To Crop” and “Save Cropped Image”. Its operation is still the same as aRt2Day1.0.



‘Foto’ is the Download and ‘Crop’ tool

art2day2.0 - crop

Select a photo from your device storage and it will be loaded automatically in your view port along with a crop tool.

Press-Down any corner pin of the ‘Crop-Tool’ and move it around the image. You can ‘Pinch’ to zoom-in and zoom out.

Tap on the ‘Crop’ at the top-right of the screen. The picture is cropped in accordance with the specified crop-settings of the square crop tool.

You can also Rotate and

Flip image either Vertically or Horizontally, using the Flip and Rotate tools next to Crop.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button to save your cropped image to Gallery.