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“I Apologize” – Apology Accepted!

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"I apologise" - Apology Accepted! Here are the 2 Trillion Naira Questions: 1. How thorough are nominees screened...

Posted by Bjon Agera on Monday, April 26, 2021

DANFO - DRIVER Once upon a time, the crowd at the bus top insisted they must board only the Bus No 22, driven by an old,...

Posted by Bjon Agera on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

001 – Not Bond, James Bond We are a loaded gun We are land mine We are time bomb We are catastrophe We are programmed...

Posted by Bjon Agera on Wednesday, April 21, 2021


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1 thought on ““I Apologize” – Apology Accepted!

  1. I love what am seeing here’, bet you can scale up the preference of the App by inviting or sending it to Art professionals such as myself, Nobell studios, Ibrahim Ganiyu etc. for quality testing and Review: this will aalong way in scaling the App and A’s visibility to others all over the globe. For Now, the App features are very cool, but need a lot of workin perfecting the Nils, Pen Pressure points and smoothness, well let me stop here.
    This Appts truely amazing and coming from someone I know just makes it a lot more interesting..angs you ought to download this App for you quick doodles on the go… Believe that!

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