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aRt2Day2.3 – An Update


aRt2Day2.2 Updated to aRt2Day2.3

What's new in aRt2Day2.3.

+1 Brush Size between the former Size No1 and Size No2.

The Brush Size No2 is one step thicker than Size No1, and One Step Lower than Size No3 - formerly Size No2.

Effectively, you now have a total of Six (6) Brush sizes, to enhance your Drawing and Painting Skills.

An update is available on Google Play

Click the button below to download.

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What Artists Talk About When They Talk About Their Art

talk about art

And why it’s hard to say anything truly meaningful

When I was at art college — many years ago now — I learnt two things very quickly.

The first was that, if you’re going to make it as a practicing artist, you must not only be passionate, but also sociable, canny, eclectic, pompous (but not too much), fierce, shrewd, barefaced and, hopefully as daring as possible.

In short, I began to realise that a contemporary artist is measured by his or her mettle, as much as anything else.

Well, that had me a little stumped…

The other thing I learnt was that, to prove yourself in all-of-the-above, you had to learn to speak for yourself. Your artwork was not quite enough; you had to argue for it, stand up for it and extol it. Art school was about learning to take responsibility for your work, and fending off attacks if required.

Now, this had me really stumped…

Talking about my art was never an easy thing to do. It still isn’t. The very point of creating art was to go to places where words couldn’t venture.

And yet, I understood that the need to talk and write about my work was (probably) a professional necessity: in pitches to potential buyers, press releases, discussions over social media, artist talks and workshops.

Talking about ones art must do more than merely describe it; it must compliment the work, echo the themes, subtitle it, and most of all, reveal the artist behind it. In preparing such a thing, the artist is faced with a myriad of awkward questions: How is my art meant to operate? What is its purpose? What is my relation to it? How can language capture these facets?


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Easy Learning for Kids

Like everything else, the ART of Drawing and Painting has come of age. New learning tools, advanced by technology, are now available to make the task of learning easier. One such tool is here, aRt2Day android application, can be installed on your phone. You take some time with your kid and watch them doodle. They’ll love it.

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aRt2Day – navigation

This is a more detailed guide on navigating the aRt2Day app. For a brief summary of all its functions, scroll down to the bottom of this page and select a topic to view its function.

Start Page

This is the WELCOME screen which pops up after the brief Splash Screen. You have the option to shut down or START DRAWING – that is what aRt2Day is all about – DRAW, PAINT, SHARE…

To start drawing, punch the START DRAWING button.

Drawing and Painting Canvas

This is your DRAWING | PAINTING canvas – where your dreams come alive. Where, you let your imagination run wild, harnessed by your creativity, and with a simple stroke of the finger, start to create images to your heart’s desire.

The top row is lined with simple tools to assist in your Drawing and Painting task. From left to right: PICK IMAGE from your device gallery and LOAD on to the Drawing|Painting Canvas.

START NEW drawing|painting. That’s the white button with a golden star. This button starts a new page, with a dialog that informs you that you are about to start a new drawing and that the current drawing will be deleted. If you already have a Drawing|Painting that you are working on, and wish to retain it, you SAVE first, and then start the NEW DRAWING | PAINTING. The SAVE button is the last on the row – we’ll come to that later.

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The Art of Drawing and Painting has come of age…

Traditional pencil and paper still stands firm, unmoved by all the technologies that can be deployed to do what drawing paper and pencil in the hand of a gifted talent can do. 

Nothing can really replace the brush, paint and canvass in creative hands. Not Photoshop, not Adobe Illustrator, nor any drawing and painting software. Not even the spray gun with its fine set of sprays can take away the expert hand with intuitive and inspired brush stroke.

However, with the advent of the Cell Phone, and all the accompanying software for communication: emails, Whatsapp chat boxes, Blackberry, and so many others, ART too has found its way into the modern technology.

There are dozens of professional drawing apps you can download easily from the Google Play Store. Most of these drawing apps,however require professional handling, and not so easily manipulated by any ordinary person. 

So we thought, heck not everybody is an artist, how about building a Simple, Basic Drawing and Painting Android Application that ANYBODY can use with ease? So we came up with aRt2Day. Research has shown us that Kids love aRt2Day! We also discovered that the best way to teach a kid about a thing, is to let them Draw and Paint it!

That is why aRt2Day is the best Fun Drawing and Painting and Learning for the Family.

Now you can DRAW, PAINT and even draw and paint on pictures…

Have fun drawing and painting with Art2day  anp available on Google Play Store….

Art2day is simple and rally easy to use….

You can download it from the Google Play Store for just $1.00

Go here now to DOWNLOAD your own aRt2Day from the Google Play Store