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aRt2DayComics #1

We are glad to announce that our Android fun drawing application, aRt2Day2.5 has blazed the trail with a debut Comic story titled "The Sex of The Money", an adaptation of the original story, "Count My Money" bj bjon Agera, available on Amazon Kindle and Print on Demand.

We have drawn enough images with the  aRt2Day2.5 Android Application to fill a volume of Encyclopaedia. Creating the drawings,  that spanned 104 pages was quite some fun. One image at a time...

About The Sex of The Money

Green McDowell is a Chicken Soup Specialist. He began from n=humble beginnings, small-time, till he became the billionaire that he is today. However, Green has an Achillie's Heel, if you call it that. Green loves to count his money. So, when his old-time friend, Dennis, comes visiting, Green has an urgent need to count his money again. Green withdraws $20, 000, 000 from the United Bank of America - just count it. But even before the money is transferred, contract thieves, Adolf Gregor and Angelica "Angel of Death ", already set in, planning to blast their way heist. But they had not reckoned with the will, tough as nails, ex-FBI Agent in charge of Internal Security of the Bank of America, Jonie, who would stop at nothing, until the $20,000,000 is successfully delivered at the Green Villa in Greenville, Kentucky

You can obtain a copy of The Sex of The Money by clicking on the button below.

NB. The Android version of this comic book will soon be available from Google Play.

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